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100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Sticks

100% Ceremonial Grade Cacao Sticks

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Buried deep in the "heart of the world" in La Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in Colombia. This single-origin, ceremonial grade, heart-opening cacao is an ancient, indigenous medicine given to humanity by Mother Earth and cultivated by the indigenous tribes of the territory -- the Kogis, Arhuacos, and Wiwa -- along with local Colombian farmers. Combined with their efforts, we at Calling In Love make this bag of ancient plant medicine available to you in their endeavors to heal Mother Earth. Welcome to the family.

Before You Enjoy this Cacao:

Set an intention for something or someone you are truly grateful for. Open your heart, release anything that is not serving you.

Tune in to the frequency of Love. 

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Calling in Love Cacao, a gift from the Cosmic Cardiovascular System

I am grateful for Calling In Love, who they are, what they do, and what they represent, healing for the Mind, Body, and Soul. Calling In Love introduced this sacred food into my life and it is now a part of my daily ritual, its presence in my kitchen connects me with something bigger than myself. The aroma, touch and texture when I am breaking it down for consumption, and its taste is absolutely exquisite. I have it in my overnight oats, smoothie bowls, yogurt, and all by itself. I typically have about 20 grams and within a half hour I can feel my cardiovascular system working, for me it is a consistent and entirely unique experience. Additionally, the health benefits of 100% Cacao are extensively researched and documented. As a practicing RN I know that my patient population would be drastically reduced if the world was introduced to Calling in Love and their gift of dancing, love, and nutrition. I just want to say thank you and I love you Calling In Love.

Thank you Cacao <3

This cacao is wonderful - the cacao itself (tasted in either raw form or enjoyed in heart-warming and nourishing drink form), where it comes from, the intentional web of relationships it is part of. I am grateful for this cacao and the community it is part of which have brought a lot of joy and a greater sense of connection to my life. I highly recommend this cacao <3

Lesly Pogrew-Terrance

I love your ceremonial sticks.

zulma solorzano
My family loved it.

I placed an order during Thanksgiving time so I could have a delicious cup of chocolate with family. Quick delivery.
Thanks Calling in Love Cacao! I enjoy your cacao very much!

Mariama Bangoura
Yummy, Nourishing LOVE

I love this cacao. I can tell love was poured into cultivating it. It feels amazing in my body. So grateful for this brand and I can’t wait to get more.